What’s Your Favourite Pub?

Leaving aside all this Brexit crisis stuff, Rosie Cooper MP

is calling on pub goers in West Lancashire to nominate their favourite pub for Parliamentary Pub of the Year awards.

We used to have pubs, but they all seem to morph into wine bars and Co-op stores. Even the Aughton “Old Cock and Bull” is a meme for the Aughton Parish Council!

The All-Party Parliamentary Group on Pubs have Launched this Year’s Parliamentary Pub of the Year Awards. This award focuses on celebrating pubs in our community and will give 650 MPs the opportunity to nominate a pub to be recognised as the Parliamentary pub of the Year.

Could this be it, the Dog and Gun in Aughton?

The main criteria for nomination is a pub that is great at what they do, this can include the range of beer or food provided, the dedication to serving the local community or a specialism in Music or Sports. Nominated Pubs will submit a video to the judges.

Before selecting the representative of the West Lancashire constituency Rosie Cooper MP is asking pub goers to nominate their favourite local which will then be selected following a poll on her  website. Rosie said “I am asking local people to nominate their favourite pub in West Lancashire and the most popular choice will go forward as our local entrant for Parliamentary Pub of the Year Awards.

Could it be the CAMRA Ale Scene Derby Arms Aughton?

“Visit my website at http://www.rosiecooper.net/PubOfTheYear to start logging your nominations before the deadline of midnight on Friday 20 September. If you would like to look at the nominations as they come in please follow The Parliamentary Pub of The Year awards on twitter @ParliPubOTY”.

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