Wacky Races Long Lane Aughton, Again!

In the eyes of residents of speed crazy Long Lane Aughton, an officer of the LCC is referencing incorrect data, getting data confused, contradicting himself, dismisses physical obstacles and offers no alternative, wants to proceed with vanity signage and markings, acknowledges there is a speeding problem (June 2017) but does not explain why 2 years on nearly nothing has been done, and hopes he has provided assurance!

It’s the long running, never seemingly to be resolved, saga of traffic speeding along a lane, not a road, or a main highway. Just a lane! We publish a letter sent to the officer here

FAO the LCC officer.

“I read your letter dated the 07th May 2019 with interest concerning the ongoing traffic issues on Long Lane. The initial point that drew my interest was your contention (in paragraph 3) that the information I sent to you from the residents was “anecdotal”. I don’t know if you’re aware but information that’s considered “anecdotal” in nature posits it’s derived from a very small number of cherry-picked people (this constitutes typically less than 10). Here, the number of across-the-board people is 60 and all these people are citing the same problems. Such information would therefore qualify as valid in a court of law and therefore should be used when considering the requirement for highway safety in a particular location as it’s relevant, pertinent and within scope in this instance.

“I then went on to read in paragraph 4 your assertion that surveys show Long Lane experiences similar traffic density and volume to that of nearby (roads) note here we’re considering a Lane not a Road so it’s important one compares apples with apples, not bananas. We would like to review the detail behind the comparison you mention, what are you comparing against?

“Then in paragraphs 6 & 7 you state you plan to go ahead with the “dragons teeth” and “roundel road markings” along with the Parish Council’s intent to install “smiley faces”. Firstly, your letter is dated 07th May 2019, it is today 01st Sept 2019. In four months and in fact, now over two years since speeding was deemed an issue on the Lane, we still, see, nothing.

“We do ask therefore:
1. When are these vanity solutions to be installed?
2. Where do you source your attestation that these vanity solutions work – research I’ve located and sent to you is antithetical.
3. When can their efficacy be measured and indeed how might you suggest this is done?
4. If these measures are found not to solve the issue, what is the alternative (physical obstacles) and what is the timescale on that decision, installation and review?

“It’d be exceedingly helpful if you could please provide a contact in order that we can collectively be informed of progress with this matter until it is rightfully resolved.

Yours sincerely,
Long Lane Residents.

During this saga, and looking forward to his visit, it was suggested he make sure he has an up-to-date comprehensive life insurance policy! Sound advice!

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