Councils Forced To Show How Developer CIL Cash Spent?

The Construction Enquirer

reports today that “Councils will now have to publish details on how they spend money handed over by developers for local infrastructure projects under new planning rules.

“The new rules around the community infrastructure levy came into force yesterday and mean councils will be legally required to publish any deals done with housing developers. This will allow communities see exactly how cash will be spent in their areas.

“Fresh reforms to CIL rules will help developers get shovels in the ground more quickly, to help the government meet its ambition to deliver 300,000 extra homes a year by the mid-2020s. The rules are designed to support councils and give greater confidence to communities about the benefits new housing can bring to their area.

“In 2016 to 2017 alone builders and developers paid a whopping £6bn towards local infrastructure helping create jobs and growth. Previously councils were not required to report on the total amount of funding received – or how it was spent – leaving local communities in the dark about the benefits developments were bringing.

“Housing Minister Esther McVey said “The new rules will allow residents to know how developers are contributing to the local community when they build new homes – whether that’s contributing to building a brand-new school, roads or a doctor’s surgery that the area needs”.

Aughton Parish Council

does report on parish CIL. Not on spending it, just to show it stacking up in the bank! As follows, 

“This report is required by CIL Regulation 62A of the CIL Regulations 2010 (as amended). It must be published by 31 December each year and made available on the Parish Council website, and/or Borough Council website. e) CIL Retained i. Total amount of CIL received in financial year 2017/2018 and retained (unspent) at the end of the reported year 2017/2018 £26,028.00 ii. Total amount of CIL received in previous years and retained (unspent) at the end of the reported year 2017/2018 £7,356.73 .TOTAL CIL RECEIPTS RETAINED (UNSPENT) £33,384.73. 

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