Sickness In Our Society

Having received news of some sickening comments

about how elderly people who voted to leave the EU might be disposed of, I supposed them to be from the usual ignorant suspects.

One stated “No Deal brexit will cause shortage of flu vaccine. Should have 2 queues at Doctors one for brexit one for remain. Brexit queue gets told they dont need vaccines as they were put together by experts they shpuld just believe harder. Only remainers get vaccinated. It’s win win”.

And another “If as NHS leaders say – there is a shortage of flu vaccine due to No Deal Brexit. Who should go to back of the queue for vaccination-brexiters or normal people”.

And “It’s the flu, so mainly OAPs, if they voted to destroy our lives-let’s hope its a good virulent strain this year”.

They all seem in fact to have emanated from @terrychristain, who describes himself as “Award Winning Radio & TV presenter, Newspaper Columnist, Lecturer, Mcr Music Guru, author & Stand Up”. 

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The problem though, Terry, is that flu isn’t like death of the firstborn: virulent strains don’t avoid OAPs if they’ve got “I voted Remain” written in blood on the front door. It kills indiscriminately. You are wishing death upon all the elderly and infirm. What an evil desire”. 

It seems he had a friend?

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