Brexit Derangement Syndrome?

Austin Mitchell writes

“Amazing good news, my wife’s new passport has arrived today. Spot the difference!

“Why bring a case in Scotland to stop Brexit? Bring a case before the European court demanding that the Commission negotiate legally as required in article 50-both divorce and trade arrangements at the same time- and stop a “no deal” Brexit.

“Phillip Hammond was clearly the man who wrecked Theresa May’s negotiation her career and her Government. Mighty Mouse Indeed!

“Can’t see why MPs want an opportunity to discuss Brexit when that’s all they’ve been doing for the last few months.

“Since only the EU can cause a “no deal” Brexit what arrangements are the noisy protesters making to use their influence and transfer their demos there, to persuade Brussels not to force one on UK?

“Can we be told whether the noisy protesters against Boris Johnson’s prorogation are against any form of Brexit or just a “no deal” Brexit. We should know so we can understand and judge accordingly.

“The more the Revolting Remainers assert that Parliament can and should reject no deal, the more they encourage the EU to refuse a deal. That’ll trap Boris between an intransigent EU and a clamourous Commons, neither of whom wants UK to leave at all.

“If you were carrying out a negotiation with a gang of intransigent, inflexible, devious, decision dodgers who can only say “no”, would you want a howling pack of parliamentary pillocks airing their egos by trying to trip you up and tie your hands behind you?”

Iain Dale writes

“Some people who have Brexit Derangement Syndrome have gone full tonto and likened it to a Latin American coup, or compared Boris Johnson to Hitler. Normal voters on both sides of the debate look on in bemusement and wonder if these politicians think we are stupid.

“We keep being told by people in the media who ought to know better that it’s the longest prorogation since the 1940s, conveniently omitting to point out that Parliament wouldn’t have been sitting for three weeks anyway due to the party conferences. Ah yes, says Lewis Goodall of Sky News, but you’re being disingenuous because MPs might have voted to sit during the party conferences.

“Might. That’s the key word. I doubt it very much. So now we are faced with the ludicrous spectacle of some MPs going to sit in Church House in a makeshift parliament. Who are they going to debate with? People they agree with? It’ll be the ultimate ‘massdebate’. If you get my drift…”

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