One Man’s Democracy Is Another Man’s Outrage?

The wretched remain Speaker John Bercow

 of all people, has accused Boris Johnson of committing a “constitutional outrage” after he confirmed he asked the Queen to suspend Parliament.

The news of Johnson’s planned prorogation has naturally sent Remainers, including Bercow, into fits of the vapours, calling the move “undemocratic“, “outrageous” and even comparing the PM to a “tin pot dictator” all for using a bog-standard procedural technique. Prorogation was used by Attlee and Major, for political purposes. The move is even less surprising when taking into account the UK is currently enjoying the longest Parliamentary session ever since 1653, so a Queen’s Speech is long overdue.

The Magna Carta

or Great Charter of the Liberties of England, was drawn up by the barons to force King John to sign in the year 1215. The spirit of this document has guided the evolution of English law over the centuries, as well as inspiring numerous constitutional documents drawn up by other countries, including notably the Constitution of the United States of America, and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. We now have a 2019 version!

Among other landmark bills that have established major new principles in the British Constitution are the English Bill of Rights, passed after the Glorious Revolution of 1689, and the Acts of Union, of 1707, establishing the linking of England and Scotland within a United Kingdom.

John Major’s prorogation, which he used to cover up the cash for questions scandal, lasted from the March 21 until the 1997 General Election, 6 weeks. Johnson’s prorogation will last for only 4 sitting days.

The utterly appalling EU official Guy Verhofstadt tweets

“Taking back control” has never looked so sinister. As a fellow parliamentarian, my solidarity with those fighting for their voices to be heard. Suppressing debate on profound choices is unlikely to help deliver a stable future EU – UK relationship”. They’ve had three years of uncontrolled debate aimed at stopping the democratic decision of the British public.

2 thoughts on “One Man’s Democracy Is Another Man’s Outrage?

  1. wlbcarepants

    Imagine that was Corbyn, closing down Parliament to get contentious policies through. There’d be a MELTDOWN. And yet the known liar, Bo Jo The Clown does it and…barely a ripple on the pond. Across from which is the other buffoon that can’t wait to get his little hands on our NHS. That’s the trouble with the hard right. They shaft us.

    1. westlancashirerecord Post author

      We get shafted regardless of left or right. We get shafted by MPs regardless of party, MPs who relied on first past the post at their democratic elections to parliament, yet refuse the democratic result of first past the post of a national referendum. Heath shafted us into the EEC and we’ve been shafted ever since. Corbyn, May, appalling party leaders, EU unelected officers, not fit to lead anyone anywhere. How was it that Germany was allowed to become rich at the expense of 20 odd other countries? Simple, they shafted Greece and everyone else has rolled over.


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