Cuadrilla’s Big Shopping Bag Bangs

A Lancashire MP

has called for fracking to be banned after two more earth tremors in the county. Lancaster and Fleetwood MP Cat Smith reacted after Cuadrilla revealed there had been two more micro seismic events at its site at Preston New Road, near Blackpool.

She tweeted “Whilst most of Lancashire was asleep there were two earth tremors. This will become such a common occurrence if fracking is allowed to continue, fracking forced on us by a Tory government! Stop fracking, leave dirty fossil fuels in the earth & invest in renewables!”.

Predictably Cuadrilla

claimed that even Wednesday’s larger tremor would have gone unnoticed by local residents. It would have felt similar to someone dropping a large bag of shopping on the floor, it said. Well, it would, wouldn’t it!

A spokesman for Frack Free Lancashire

said “Ninety one tremors since last week have been inflicted on residents of the Fylde Coast, with several of those being strong enough to be felt and cause worry and distress for communities. It is both contemptuous and irresponsible for Cuadrilla to continually dismiss and dumb-down the many concerns we have, by making facile comparisons with earth tremors being “like dropping a bag of shopping” or a “glass of milk shaking”. By ignoring the real issues happening under the ground, with the serious risks to well integrity, the industry is able to keep operating, with outright disdain for the community they’ve forced their way into.”

And then came the big one as Drill or Drop reported “People living around Cuadrilla’s shale gas site reported shaking buildings and windows last night from a 2.1ML tremor. [Cuadrilla admitted it to be 2.23ML] This is the strongest seismic event so far induced by fracking at the Preston New Road site near Blackpool. It brings to more than 90 the number of tremors since fracking resumed at the site less than a fortnight ago. Within minutes of the tremor, there were reports that people had felt it from surroundings towns and villages including Blackpool, Weeton, Westby, Peel, Kirkham, Wrea Green, Great Plumpton and Lytham St Annes”.

Who next, where next? Coming soon? Aurora Energy Resources at Halsall, Haskayne, Downholland, Barton, Formby, Great Altcar, Little Altcar and communities on the A565, the route from the motorway network to Formby? Be careful with your “large shopping bags”! 

4 thoughts on “Cuadrilla’s Big Shopping Bag Bangs

  1. wlbcarepants

    A better performance than West Lancs’ own ‘entitled’ MP. Mind you, she’s probably too busy paying her staff with Mars Bars and crisps. Labour announced they’d ban Fracking, amongst many other consumer-friendly policies. Shame there are so many stupid people who suckhole the elite.

    1. westlancashirerecord Post author

      Just spotted this from Rosie Cooper…West Lancashire MP Rosie Cooper commented: “It is a disgrace that the size of this seismic activity is being downplayed, despite the fact that it is the biggest tremor yet and shows that levels are rapidly rising! “The regulations are clear that work should stop when tremors reach 0.5.  “The tremors hit 1.1 in October, now 1.5 which is why I have called on the Government to explain what level they are passively going to allow this seismic activity to reach before they intervene and stop it altogether, and to ensure that there is no relaxation of the traffic light system limits. “Just pausing, then restarting work to reach ever higher levels of seismic activity is simply not acceptable and shouldn’t be tolerated.  “The Government needs to be clear, not only about stopping fracking when 0.5 tremors are caused but at what point they will stop this hydraulic fracturing taking place and in the meantime guarantee not to raise the 0.5 level triggering a ‘pause’.”

  2. stodgey

    Every time I see that whining sod, Cuadrilla’s Chief Executive Francis Egan, I want to stove the telly in. He makes iago look like a really great guy in comparison. Every time he opens his mouth, it’s like scheming central from Cuadrilla’s Ministry of Smoke, Mirrors & B/S. BTW, the latest ‘quake at 8.30 this morning hit 2.9, which is way, way more than the ‘quake which stopped fracking in the Lake District in 2011.


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