A New Angle, And More Income, From Council Parking

Do you see a geometric problem when the car park you’ve entered is full?

Apparently a car park that fitted 500 cars in a rectangular scheme could take 619 with judiciously angled white lines.

According To John Redwood

“Shopping in many town centres can require a difficult journey, can pose difficulties sometimes in finding a car park space, and results in a charge. It’s an important part of the background to the decline of many a town shopping centre.

“What can be done? The first thing is to get the most out of the car parks we have. You can get more cars into a piece of land and it is easier to park if the spaces are marked out at 45 degrees to the access and not at 90 degrees as most currently are. Private and public car park owners could sort this out and benefit from doing so. Convention should dictate you park front in. A one way access and exit route then minimises loss of parking spaces.

“Councils could increase the ratio of parking spaces to shops when authorising new developments or improving their centres. There is often spare public land near a centre that can be used. In Council car parks they could allow a charge free period to encourage shoppers. Where this represented unfair competition to private car parks the Council could pay the private car park to make free time available on a similar basis as public car parks from its town centre promotion budget”.

WLBC could vastly improve on its car parks, particularly Derby Street which provides little income because staff park free all day as a job perk. But there could be another 50/100 places available if this was considered. 

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