Burscough Floods Highlighted Again

Just four days ago

West Lancashire MP Rosie Cooper confirmed with the Environment Agency that they are to undertake maintenance work on the Dyers Lane stretch of Hurlston Brook in the coming weeks. Concerned residents of Dyers Lane have again contacted MP Rosie to report the brook’s banks being overgrown and their worries about potential flooding.

But, while Dyers Lane celebrates this important news, just a week or so after disclosure of the First Tier Tribunal decision that Gavin Rattray had unanimously won his appeal, reference EA/2018/2019, against The Information Commissioner and West Lancashire Borough Council, it seems that the flooding problems at Martin Mere, including the Boathouse Sluice

Burscough’s main drain, are back in contention.

Burscough Flood Group (BFG) has ascertained and disclosed that the ongoing causes of flooding in Burscough are currently centred on the Boathouse Sluice, Burscough’s main drain. And BFG contends it is a failure of the Environment Agency (EA) to balance the wildlife need of Martin Mere with maintaining all of the Boathouse Sluice. Readers might remember the Whaley Bridge dam crisis that has indications of neglect of duty by our so-called responsible public agencies?

BFG has long contended that there is a lack of sewer capacity through unwillingness of United Utilities to invest. And it goes further by including the failures of WLBC and LCC, failures between them that include ensuring adequate infrastructure is provided, scrutinising and discarding false evidence about flooding provided to planning, preventing Martin Mere impounding larger quantities of water without flood mitigation, failing to gather the available evidence in S19 major flood reports and publicly identify problems, and failing to oversee and enforce the maintenance of watercourses.

These are damning claims. There is video evidence available, see below, now widely spread on the internet. They might embarrass the relevant agencies, and if they don’t they should. Residents of flood risk Burscough might conclude that embarrassing these failing public agencies is the least of their problems? Perhaps it’s time for Rosie Cooper to be photographed at the Boathouse Sluice while it is raining this weekend?

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