Being Prepared? Not West Lancashire Tories?

It seems that local Tory Associations are contributing to the worst-kept secret in Westminster,  that we are soon heading for a general election, by posting a slew of adverts for campaign managers as they ramp up preparations for Britain going to the polls.

Great Yarmouth, Harrogate, East Regional Campaign HQ, St Ives, Cheshire West and Chester, Chelmsford, and Havant are mentioned.

So, wondering if West Lancashire Tory Association is also preparing, we took a quick peek at their website. But what a disappointment. The “Feature Story” is of snow on a windscreen, circa 22 January 2019. “News” is the same story. “Articles” consists of “Getting Britain back to work” April 2015!

“People” provides some amazing news! It includes Jacqueline Foster and Sajjad Karim as MEPs, yet there are now no Tory MEPs in the North West of England! False news?

“Our Newsletters are produced around every four months” but while there were 7 in 2018 there have been none in 2019. Presumably there is no local Tory news worth writing about? It seems that the WLCA Annual General Meeting in March 2019 had nothing to report, not even if those attending enjoyed their hotpot meal!

The assumption must be that WLCA is not preparing for a campaign. Would they have a candidate? Would they pay the going rate, circa £22,500-£27,500 for a campaign manager? Or would Wally be in charge. Only time will tell. Rosie Cooper MP might not be too bothered!

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