Loss Making Outdoor Market Under “Privatisation Threat”?

Do it yourselves outdoor market, from the Champion


A check of the West Lancashire Borough Council Statement of Accounts 2018/19 shows that under Trading Services “The Council operates a market in Ormskirk on Thursdays and Saturdays under a market charter”. “Market Expenditure 2019/19 £274,000 Income £237,000. Deficit £37,000. Previous year deficit £20,000”.

But car parking makes a profit, how much extra parking profit is made on market days? We subsidise the Motorfest, will that be next?

The WLBC cabinet made the decision which is challenged by traders and Our West Lancashire. It’s a pity that the full council didn’t have an opportunity to debate it. The WLBC spokesperson claims the Ormskirk market to be the best street market in the North West. But the statement claims “WLBC has given a great deal of thought to how it can improve the market….” Give us a clue how this new policy improves “the best”!

Perhaps they should think again, by finding other ways to save public cash. The crackpot decision to give cash rich Aughton Parish Council £5,000 for playground improvements is just one area that needs public scrutiny.

And when will we hear of the cut in council elected members by one third of the current number? Let’s have some meaningful changes, not the top management jobs musical chairs that costs us too much payola!

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