The DIY Pensioner Who Saved His Burscough Neighbours From More Flood Misery

In the Champion today

 Back in 2015 LCC and WLBC were sent/copied an email with an attachment that described the horrors of the Boxing Day flood damage in Burscough. As we all know WLBC subsequently approved multiple planning applications in Burscough, including YTF and the football ground which are cumulatively adding to Crabtree Lane and other areas flooding problems. The attachment was five pages of cast iron proof of internal and external household flooding.

LCC refused to include Burscough Flood Group’s evidence in its S19 flooding report on the 2015 Boxing Day flood (even though LCC Councillor Dereli supported Burscough Flood Group and fought for it). Consequently the S19 report painted a false picture of flooding in Burscough.

Bernie Webster, a resident of Crabtree Lane, suffered his home being flooded on Boxing Day 2015, the third such event. Knowing as he and others did, that local flooding was not only a low priority for United Utilities, LCC and WLBC but actually denied as a problem, Mr Webster installed drainage pipes, automatic electronic pumps, and a large manually controlled diesel engine-powered six inch water pump.

And, true to form, as the recent torrential downpours started to flood Crabtree Lane, Bernie’s pump saved his and his neighbours’ homes from yet more flooding. Not that he wants the responsibility of such a traumatic experience. But the ineptitude and ignorance of WLBC, LCC, UU, and Network Rail have conspired to create this chronically ill pensioner as a true community hero. When will Bernie Webster be officially recognised by any and all of these inept, official, publicly funded/parasitical organisations?

And, more to the point, how soon will any resident of flooded Burscough be able to believe a word from any of the above service providers?

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