It Irks Me To See All This Railways Cash Being Promised

When none of it will be used

to help West Lancastrian elderly and disabled people to have parity for off peak travel on the Merseyrail service with the Merseyside/Liverpool City Region residents. It’s blatant discrimination. It’s gone on for years, around ten years since the infamous “Blakey/Cllr Grant emails” were uncovered and published on WLR.

On 23 February, 2011, “the Council’s current budget for discretionary travel concessions is £330,000 broken down as: Senior Railcards £60,000; Travel tokens £130,000; Community Transport Operators £120,000; Pre 9.30 and post 11.00 use of statutory bus pass £20,000. In addition the Council also provides grant funding to the Dial a Ride Service (via LCC) through its grants to voluntary organisations budget of up to £39,600”. 

Research shows that in 2014 and since then the revenue income of Merseyrail was £51 million, and Merseyrail paid out dividends of circa £14 million meaning a quarter of passenger fares ending up in the pockets of Merseyrails owners, Serco and Dutch state owned Abellio. Merseyrail, run by Serco and Abellio, said any “excess” profits are shared with local transport body Merseytravel. Utter bullshit! Define “excess profits”!

In the row over guards on trains the RMT stated “Merseyrail can easily afford to cough up and pay to keep our guards and if they don’t then Liverpool’s politicians should renegotiate Merseyrail’s contract. If Merseyrail don’t agree to new terms now, then the 30 year financing of the new trains easily allows enough scope for a new Merseyrail contract to ensure that revenues are retained to keep our guards”. And to ensure parity for those who live beyond Maghull!

You can travel free on buses, trains and Mersey Ferries* if you are over 60 and live in Merseyside. When you reach the State Pension age, you will be given a new national pass, which you will also be able to use on local bus services anywhere in England. The pass is valid during off-peak hours (after 9.30am on Mondays to Fridays and at anytime on Saturdays, Sundays and Bank Holidays).

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