WLBC Rich List Update

Our West Lancashire

state “In terms of Transparency, the Chief Operating Officer post will carry annual remuneration of £94,500 and the Corporate Director posts will be £81,687.A redundancy payment of £112,386 will be made to the Chief Executive, £90,616 to the Director of Development and Regeneration and £64,205 to the Borough Solicitor. Redundancy costs have been calculated in accordance with the Council’s Redundancy Policy, which complies with the Local Government (Early Termination of Employment) (Discretionary Compensation) (England and Wales) Regulations 2006. Pension strain cost will also be paid to the Pension Fund of £0.422m. The pension strain cost has been calculated in accordance with the Local Government Superannuation Scheme Regulations.

“For clarity, the total exit costs for these three posts were presented differently to councillors in the report we considered last week. Namely:

“Chief Executive – £307,524
“Borough Solicitor – £232,482
“Director of Development and Regeneration – £149,665

“The total cost of £689,000 is the same but we feel it is important that the public see the figures as presented to councillors”.

Readers will wonder at the use by WLBC of the term “pension strain”. Whose strain? Council tax payers, of course. Just like the BBC and its new description of the recently introduced charge for its over 75s TV license fee to pay for “talent”!

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