WLBC Rich List Latest

Apply to leave WLBC, be paid compensation for loss of office!

Announcing the voluntary redundancy of Kim Webber

Chief Executive, WLBC also agreed further changes to the senior management structure and subsequent savings through the voluntary redundancy of John Harrison

Director of Development and Regeneration, and Terry Broderick, the very efficient 

Borough Solicitor. It is almost certain that Ms Webber will appear in the Taxpayers’ Alliance Town Hall Rich List next year.

From 4th November the Council will put in place a Chief Operating Officer model, and a Chief Operating Officer will be sought, supported by a Corporate Director of Place and Community and a Corporate Director of Transformation & Resources to make a saving of £0.314m per annum. Working together, the Chief Operating Officer and the Corporate Directors will deliver the Council’s objectives, together with further income, efficiency and service improvements. A redundancy payment of £112,386 will be made to the Chief Executive, £90,616 to the Director of Development and Regeneration and £64,205 to the Borough Solicitor.

Don’t be fooled by these figures. The trio of leavers will receive “Compensation for loss of office”, and as we disclosed at the time of the voluntary loss of office the then Director of Leisure and Well Being (left Jan 2018) received £84,323 compensation. There’s more! His “Total before pensions” was £150,688, followed by a further Pension Contribution of £ 186,663. The package cost us £337,351. He was mentioned in despatches by the Taxpayers’ Alliance.

You can read the details of how these “Loss of office they applied to leave” gifts are paid out on page 70 0f the “West Lancashire Borough Council Statement of Accounts 2017/18”.

6 thoughts on “WLBC Rich List Latest

  1. stodgey

    Geez, bumbling mediocrity sure gets well renumerated nowadays. In order to get to the top of that greasy pole, I expect you need degrees in thinking outside the box, running stuff up flagpoles & pushing the envelope – oh, plus a never-ending supply of money from a thoroughly fed up local citizenry.

    Absolutely bloody shameful.

    1. westlancashirerecord Post author

      It is bloody shameful. Fair and reasonable pensions should be the norm, but Dick Turpin didn’t rob the poor as much as the poor council tax payers of West Lancashire are being robbed!

  2. tee2greeny

    Who agrees these huge salaries and pay-offs? Being more efficient always seems to include these grossly inflated golden goodbyes. Couldn’t they be more efficient by not taking employees on at these eye watering salaries/pensions/expenses?

  3. wlbcarepants

    Well at least she can keep Tilleray company. It’s disappointing that WLBC treat everyone like mugs though. It was a costcutting measure to give sharp suited Billy Taylor a golden handshake, and replace him with TWO Directors. Then it was another costcutting measure to dish out yet another golden handshake to Gill and blow me, now Webber’s getting a PLATINUM handshake!! Wtf.

    1. westlancashirerecord Post author

      It’s the rotation of top brass jobs and wage policies that’s a been a feature of WLBC. But applying to leave and then receiving payments for loss of office is insulting the council tax payers. And, where will Ms Webber turn up next? Another LA as a chief executive?


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