3 thoughts on “Rosie Cooper Votes Yes

  1. tee2greeny

    A blatant Remainer when her West Lancs constituents voted 55% to 45% to leave the EU. Democracy is only allowed when the “Elite” get the result they want. Shame on all politicians who vote against the expressed will of the voters and their manifestos. Time for a General Election so we can get rid of these anti-democrats.

    1. westlancashirerecord Post author

      In April West Lancashire MP Rosie Cooper said:“Although a remainer, my position on Brexit has been consistent and remains unchanged. Quite simply the will of the people and the outcome of the referendum should be respected. In West Lancashire a majority of people, 55% voted to Leave the EU.
      “My vote on Friday for the legally binding Withdrawal Agreement (divorce settlement) was me honouring that commitment. It confirmed we would leave, that the EU would agree an extension until 22 May and that the UK would not need to participate in European elections.
      “We now face the very real danger of heading towards leaving the EU on 12 April with no deal or a very long delay which itself has to be agreed by the 27 EU members.
      “The other part of the deal, the Political Declaration (which has no legal force) is a discussion document covering the future relationship – trade, customs, financial services and more. An improved version with legal commitments on workers’ rights and environmental standards was put forward on 12 March.
      “Together these documents form the deal.
      “Throughout this process I’ve hoped for a better deal but also believe that a No Deal Brexit should be avoided at all costs.
      “Nor do I believe another referendum should be held as the people have already spoken when they cast their vote in the 2016 referendum. “The whole Brexit process is becoming complicated by the number of motions, amendments and indicative votes which are being presented to Parliament. Yet there is only one deal agreed with the EU.
      “Throughout this process, however it unfolds I will continue to represent the interests of my West Lancashire constituents, whist honouring the majority decision of the 55% who voted to leave the EU.
      “Every day I am receiving hundreds of pieces of correspondence on this issue covering the full spectrum of views on Brexit from a no deal exit to remaining in the EU. I only have a single vote and cannot possibly satisfy all the competing demands on which way to vote, leaving other people disappointed.
      “The Brexit votes have not yet concluded. There is still some way to go with many twists and turns before this issue is resolved. What is certain is that I will continue to represent the people of West Lancashire and honour the result of the referendum as best I can.”

  2. tee2greeny

    The withdrawal agreement engineered by May was Brexit in name only and placed the UK in handcuffs for the benefit of the EU. Fortunately it was seen as this by Brexiteers in the Tory party with DUP and a few honourable Labour MP’s so they voted it down 3 times. Why sign up to a deal that is worse than staying in the EU when the democratic will of the people was to leave. Our representatives say it is difficult but it is only difficult because they have made it so. Leaving other people disappointed is the way a majority voting democracy works. As an example I am disappointed that 3 years on we are still in the EU paying ever larger sums of money to them and being treated in the most disgraceful way by EU officials.


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