Are You Attracted To A “Theresa in Trousers” As Prime Minister?

Mansfield MP Ben Bradley

described Jeremy Hunt as ‘Theresa in Trousers’, adding “There is no such thing as a Brexit that works for people who do not want Brexit”. Mansfield voted to “Leave the EU” with 70.9%. This was while Labour held the seat. Bradley became Member of Parliament for Mansfield in the snap General Election in June 2017. He was the first Conservative to be elected in Mansfield since the constituency’s creation in 1858. He has almost always voted against more EU integration.

Jeremy Hunt was blasted today after appearing to brand Leave voters as ‘Little Englanders’ during his Tory leadership campaign. The Foreign Secretary made the remark during a #BoJoNoShow Twitter question and answer session designed to contrast with Boris Johnson quiet campaign.

But he was roasted by Tory MPs and Leavers after replying to a councillor who asked how he would unite the country after Brexit. He replied “Deliver a Brexit that works for the 48 per cent not just the 52 per cent, a positive, open and internationalist Brexit, Great Britain not Little England”.

Labour “leaver” Kate Hoey

was among those who laid into Hunt over his comment, saying “How dare Jeremy Hunt make such a snide comment about the millions of Leavers. Not a very sensible way of uniting the country”.

Hunt clearly hasn’t read “How to influence people and win friends” recently. He’s probably too late now!

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