Are Some Votes Worthless?

From Nick Boles MP

@NickBoles who writes “Most of the people supporting a No Deal Brexit are comfortable home owners who have paid off their mortgages and secure pensions. They cannot be allowed to inflict their ideological fantasy on working people with bills to pay”. 

It may not have penetrated Boles’ brain yet, that he was elected as an MP by the same comfortable home owners without mortgages and receiving secure pensions, and also by some working people with bills to pay. 

Could the village that’s lost its idiot MP kindly take him back home, he needs care and attention. His “ideological fantasy” was contained in a Tory manifesto that promised to honour the 2016 EU Referendum. He was once a “skills minister” and fought a “war on the green belt”. He failed both jobs!

2 thoughts on “Are Some Votes Worthless?

  1. stodgey

    Then there’s this fine example of someone wishing they lived in a Geniocracy. Because in Dawkins’ world, if you’re a bit thick you shouldn’t be allowed a vote. Only the clever, well-informed europhile people should vote – thus avoiding the oikish Brexit stuff. It’s literally EUgenics in a tweet.

    Scientist, Atheist, EU Continuity Remainiac, Richard Dawkins on twitter:
    ‘Under-age people can’t vote. Whatever our criterion for thinking them unqualified (eg insufficiently developed reasoning powers or knowledge) there must be some adults less qualified than some under-age people. Is age the only practical threshold or could others be devised?’


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