Proposed Housing Development At Long Lane Aughton Pub

A resident of Long Lane Aughton writes of the plans by Marston Breweries

to build 10 houses at the rear of the Dog and Gun Public House. WLBC Planning application 2019/0516/FUL refers and can be viewed using the below link which gives you access to 36 documents including the application form, plans/layouts/pictures of the types of houses.

Having viewed the documents he makes the following comments: that in essence the building of 10 ‘windfall’ site homes is a positive factor as it reduces the total number of dwellings required to be built on other sites, yet to be designated. That the planning application shows that the 10 houses are listed as market value homes. My understanding rightly or wrongly is that plots/developments of 10 houses or more must contain an ‘affordable housing’ element, which this one does not.

That the style/type of 8 of the 10 houses are town houses consisting of 2 + 1/2 (two and a half) stories. This height/style of dwelling would be the first in this area and is not in keeping with surrounding properties. It does not bode well if this ‘high density’ design is approved as it may, hopefully not and only in many years from now, be a blue print style for the ‘high density’ homes planned by Redrow on the Parrs Lane site backing onto Long Lane properties. That there are 20 car parking spaces shown on the proposed development, 20 more cars using the access alongside the pub directly onto Long Lane, adding to only what can be described as sometimes dangerous and chaotic conditions around the Long Lane/Parrs Lane junction.

That if the 10 houses are built, there will presumably be children living in some of the homes. Is it right/acceptable /safe for them to access their homes across a licensed premises car park? That the existing access from the pub car park onto Scarth Hill Lane is not included in this application albeit I believe it is land still owned by the brewery.

That the car parking capacity for pub customers would be reduced to 15 spaces, enough? That the planning application does not include the bowling green and there will still be some limited capacity for bowlers to park on the grassed area adjacent to the green.

Our resident contacted WLBC Planning Department yesterday 6 June and spoke to Stephen Benge, a Senior Planning Officer with whom he has spoken on numerous occasions over the years.

“I outlined my concerns relating to my points 2 – 5 listed above. Mr Benge agreed that they were valid concerns and would ‘ flag up’ point 2 to the relevant planning officer. He told me that any comments/representations/objections relating to this application (2019/0516/FUL) must be submitted to WLBC no later than 21 June”.

“So there we are. Some information for you to consider! It is my intention to submit my concerns as an individual concerned resident of Long Lane. You may wish to submit your own personal representations”.

Our resident also notes that this application has been “called in” by Cllr Dowling, Labour Ward Councillor for Ormskirk Knowsley Ward, so he has matters to raise at the relevant Planning Committee meeting, which are “To consider the size and scale of development and impact on highways and safety”.

Also, Mr Benge told him that he anticipated the ‘revised’ preferred options paper would be published later this year, nearer to Christmas.

Local residents of “Wacky Races Long Lane”

might find it useful to read the Transport Statement contained in the submission!


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