The Quadrupling Of Crime In Aughton

Is crime increasing in your area?

In April 2019 we reported the quadrupling of crime in Aughton. We suggest that single figure criminal activity is a thing of the past. From 7 reported crimes in December 2018 it is double figures month on month, now including those reported in April, seen below as minuted at the APC.

“11092 CHAIRMAN/VICE-CHAIRMAN/PARISH CLERK’S APRIL MEETING WITH THE LOCAL POLICE – a brief report was given on the meeting held 5 April 2019. There had been 23 reported crimes since the last meeting including: 4 domestic type incidents; 9 burglary residential (Beech Road (3), Standhouse Lane, Prescot Road (2), Norris House Drive, Sefton Gardens, Springfield Road); 3 cases of Theft (Steak House); 2 malicious communication; 2 theft incidents (Nursing Home, Convenience Store); 2 theft of a motor vehicle (Long Lane, Shepherds Lane); 1 assault (Scarth Hill Lane). Additional information in respect of the number of incidents dealt with other than reported crimes – there had been 80 incidents in Aughton. An increase in antisocial behaviour incidents had been reported”.

And, to remind readers, we are paying Lancashire Police Authority 2019/20 +13.52%. What for?

2 thoughts on “The Quadrupling Of Crime In Aughton

  1. aughtonresident

    At the May Aughton Parish Assembly the audience and the Parish Councillors heard from Chief Inspector Ian Jones and the general feeling that after the meeting there was optimism things would be improved. He has had a considerable amount of success in other areas. He gave his own email and the local Community Beat Manager was also present also new in to the post.
    As a resident I am optimistic things will improve. He pointed out accurate,specific and immediate reporting of any issues by residents is necessary.

    1. westlancashirerecord Post author

      Thank you for your comment. I am unaware how long you have been attending the APC, but my own record of attendance stretches back to 2009 when I was very active in parish matters. I instigated the parish referendum that saved the Town Green Police Station from closure, a closure recommended by the APC in favour of “saving the Ormskirk Police Station front desk”. With Rosie Cooper MP I negotiated a lease for the Town Green Police station with Merseyrail/Merseytravel and, eventually, the APC. That lease is set in stone, and could only be negated by one or other of the parties to the lease refusing the peppercorn annual payment. For my sins I am also a neighbourhood watch (NHW) co-ordinator because the APC held a presentation by NHW and sought volunteers. Since becoming a NHW co-ordinator I have been refused attendance at the Parish/Police crime meetings. Why is that, do you suppose? I hope your optimism is rewarded, but changing the Chief Inspector on a regular basis is no policy for cutting crime in Aughton. In fact it seems that only the regular visible presence of police officers will deter criminals, and that will not be provided.


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