German Interference In Brexit?

It’s reported that Germany will block another delay to Brexit

at the European Council unless the UK announces a second referendum or general election by October, the Bundestag’s foreign affairs committee chair has warned.

“In a sign that Berlin is near the end of its tether on Brexit, Norbert Röttgen, a former minister and senior MP for Germany’s ruling CDU party, said there could be no extension to the Article 50 process unless the UK offered a concrete reason, such as a public vote.

“He also warned Tory leadership candidates against trying to “blackmail” the EU by threatening to leave with no deal unless the Brexit deal is changed”.

The UK’s trade performance has deteriorated because the single market and the customs union are designed to suit other countries, Germany in particular, but not Britain. “It is not surprising that our trade deficit with the EU continues to grow, because the single market and customs union does not represent a free trade area. It is a free trade area only in goods. Manufactured goods represent Germany’s comparative advantage, whereas ours is in services.

“We have entered into a lop-sided arrangement under which all impediments to trade have been removed from areas where our trading partners are strong but not from areas where we are strong. So obviously our overall trade deficit with them has gone on rising, and will continue to do so”.

£99billion and rising. No wonder Germany wants the UK to remain!

2 thoughts on “German Interference In Brexit?

  1. stodgey

    It’s all a question of advantage.
    Obviously, the Common Market/EEC/EU was set up for German advantage to: a) sate their expansionist tendencies, especially towards France. b) provide a never ending market for Germany’s massive export potential, (Germany only lost its position as the world’s most valuable exporter about 7 years ago to China).
    Obviously, the Euro was set up entirely for German advantage, and since its launch the German economy has benefited to the tune of billions & billions & billions… at the expense of less robust economies further down the EU food chain.
    Obviously, the Germans call the shots – it’s what they do. Whatever Merkel says, goes, capiche? Those luvvie remainiac basket cases like Gavin Esler and Dan Snow who say we should ‘Remain & Reform’ are living in cloud cuckoo land. There is no reform, there is only ‘the project’ – reform isn’t tolerated because Berlin says so. And when really tricky stuff needs to be sorted out, Merkel doesn’t consult with the other 27, she has a word with Macron, Junker & Tusk over a few glasses of a rather nice Bordeaux from the EU massive wine cellar to get things done. Really tricky stuff like…. what to do with hundreds of thousands ‘Syrian’ refugees who hailed from everywhere but Syria – and who, thanks to Merkel’s big invite suddenly turned up at Munich railway station. Obviously, get the Donald to do the dirty stuff for you. So Tusk draws up a list and tells everyone else just how many refugees they are going to take, otherwise, there will be consequences…
    Obviously, Germany are now turning their sabre-rattling ire towards Blighty – with dire warnings of yet more consequences if we don’t roll over.
    It’s a good job we have tough guy Rory Stewart to fight our corner then.

    1. westlancashirerecord Post author

      Totally agree. And the Telegraph reports that German bond yields have plunged to historic lows and inflation expectations are collapsing across the eurozone, prompting fears of a gathering recessionary storm.

      The benchmark 10-year bund yield dropped to minus 0.18pc on Thursday and is testing the all-time lows seen during the brief rush to safety after the Brexit referendum. Spanish and Portuguese yields have dropped to record lows. A closely watched gauge of inflation expectations – five-year/five-year swap contracts – have collapsed this year and raise concerns that the European Central Bank is losing control. It is signalling a slide into a deflationary quagmire. They can rattle their sabres all they like, but their economy is dire. Oh dear!


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