From LCC Independent Cllr Greenall

LCC Independent Cllr Paul Greenall writes

“I asked a question @ a Full County Council meeting about proposed transport infrastructure improvements in West Lancashire should thousands more houses be built. Attached is the written reply I received a few days ago”.

From CC Greenall for CC lddon

West Lancashire Borough Council recently published its Local Plan Review Preferred Options document, which contains proposals to build almost 16,000 dwellings in West Lancashire. Given that Lancashire County Council supports the broad quantum and location of the proposed growth, but acknowledges it will need to be supported by appropriate levels of transport infrastructure and associated services, can the Cabinet Member for Highways and Transport please advise what type of transport infrastructure will be offered to the people of West Lancashire East, given they already encounter serious problems with traffic congestion in the areas where the construction of over 6,000 dwellings is proposed?

Cllr lddon Response:

Highways officers here have been working with West Lancashire Council with regard to the preparation of their next local plan which it is in its early stages of development. Initial discussions between officers were for a plan which extends for many years (30years). West Lancashire Council commissioned transport consultants White Young and Green to prepare a technical note which identifies necessary highway changes as a result of new development in line with their plan period. I note at this stage the plan period is not fixed.

Until the above work is completed and agreed having regard to an agreed plan period, it is not possible for highway officers to identify what will be required to satisfy the additional demands of the transport network and when it is required. What is certain is that additional demands on the highway network will increase over time and will be influenced by development. The technical work when completed and agreed will identify the key highway changes to support the local plan, it is the implementation strategy which links development to highway changes, this is key to ensure appropriate timing and delivery of changes.

Highway officers can and will continue to work closely with West Lancashire officers and developers to ensure that highway schemes are delivered in advance of them being needed. However, this does not imply that measures will be delivered prior to development. Highway changes will be delivered through planning related triggers. Progression, adoption and the local plan period is the responsibility of West Lancashire Council, however its delivery requires close working with the highway authorities (LCC and Highways England) and with developers, which Highway officers are committed to.

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