Time To Drain The Swamp?

As we read today

If she had even a shred of dignity left, Theresa May would have resigned. She has ruined the Conservative Party, turbocharged the return of Nigel Farage and her disgraceful Withdrawal Agreement stands no chance of getting through Parliament. Her temperament, character and interpersonal skills have been cruelly exposed as not up to the standard required for the job. Her record is one of unmitigated failure, and a Prime Minister with more self-respect would have stepped down of her own accord, if only to put a stop to this horrific, never-ending humiliation.

For someone not renowned for their witty repartee, sparkling Commons chamber oratory or indeed having any discernible political personality, Philip Hammond can always surprise us with his shameless chutzpah and brass neck. However, like the Prime Minister, he’s nearing the very end of the road, and will probably be fired by whoever succeeds Theresa May. He doesn’t care what most Tories think of him now, and is not holding back his opinions.

Just drain the swamp!

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