Housing Company ‘Banned’ By Joe Anderson?

The Liverpool Echo

has reported that a housing company ‘banned’ by Liverpool Mayor Joe Anderson Is behind plans for a ‘New Community’ on land east of Maghull.

In August 2017, Countryside Properties and Persimmon Homes submitted a joint planning application for 830 homes on land north of Poverty Lane. Separately, The East Maghull Consortium has submitted an outline application for up to 855 homes on land south of School Lane, which will also include homes for older people as well as a local centre.

The local centre would include retail and community uses and act as a hub for both new and existing residents in the area. All three developers will work together to ensure ‘maximum benefit to the area. The vision, it was said at the time, is for a place which “people can call home and grow with, from first-time buyers, to those raising a family, and those looking for somewhere to retire”.

This week, however, Countryside Properties

was told by Liverpool Mayor Joe Anderson “we won’t do business with you” as part of the ongoing leasehold scandal. The city leader and his authority have made it clear to Countryside Housing that they are not welcome in Liverpool and the authority will no longer assist the FTSE 250 company with its projects in the city – or sell it any of its council-owned land.

The Mayor

has promised to block Countryside from building homes but Countryside bosses reacted with surprise, and said they have already dealt with issues raised. Countryside Property says it no longer sells leasehold houses, and where it has done historically, it has offered homeowners the chance to buy the freehold at a cost.

But speaking to the ECHO this week, Mayor Anderson called the situation ‘completely outrageous.’ He said “We will not be making any deals or working with any developers that put people at risk. I am appalled that we have entered into agreements in good faith only to see companies turn against people and use this situation to their advantage.

“This scandal means that people can’t sell their properties and are ending up in debt – it is completely outrageous. I also want the government to pull its finger out and do something about this, because this is a scandal that they are fully aware of, they are allowing it to happen.”

The question is, will Sefton agree the new settlement east of Maghull?

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