UK A Wholly-owned Subsidiary Of Germany?

Austin Mitchell, the maverick, was Labour MP for Great Grimsby between 1977 and 2015.

He’s never had any doubts about Brexit

“It’s an economic liberation, stopping the drain of jobs, money and demand to the EU, breaking out of its declining protectionist bloc into a growing world, and stopping our slow decline into a wholly-owned subsidiary of Germany.

“Others see things differently. The result is that there’s a wide choice of Brexits on offer. Remainers want a Brexitless Brexit. The Liberals want a Bollocks-Brexit

with European federalism, the euro, and unrestricted continued immigration thrown in. Conservatives want a Tory Brexit with free trade, deregulation and tax-cutting. Caroline Lucas, who’s dropped the usual greeneries to defend the EU as the source of everything good and Green, sees Brexit as a globally-warmed hell. Labour wants a blancmange Brexit with a People’s Vote to make sure we don’t get it. Parliament wants a liquorice allsorts Brexit. Finally, on present form, we’ll end up with a never happening Brexit.

Take your pick. Personally, I prefer a Mitchell Brexit. This offers everything we need to do anyway, with or without Brexit. Brexit needs a big spending boost like Barack Obama’s Recovery Act to repair the damage to manufacturing, the infrastructure, health and education done by austerity. This will boost us through the initial problems. We’ll also need an industrial policy to develop the new and sustain the old, government support and investment on a Chinese scale, a strong regional policy, and competitive exchange rate to tax imports and boost exports as every competitor has done.

That’s the only Brexit which will work, and poor Theresa could use it to break out of her impasse. My party would find it difficult to refuse such a Labour Brexit. Tories wouldn’t like it, but they love power more than their prejudices, and they owe it to the country to repair the damage done by their austerity. The SNP is schizophrenic, part-Labour, part-Tory, so at least half of them will accept it, particularly if a lot of barbers for Scotland are thrown in. Similarly the DUP.

As for the Liberals, Greens and Chuckers,

they can continue their naive dreams in opposition. Where they belong. Problem solved. A nation which Remainers want to drift back to Remain will be happier to get the leadership it voted for. The public prefer going somewhere to being humiliated by clever dicks in the EU. It would cost a lot more than Theresa May’s cheap jack sell-out, but Britain needs a huge Keynesian boost anyway just to remain viable.

The economics make sense. A nation with its own currency can spend until the productive resources of people, machines, factories and services are fully stretched, without inflationary problems. The pound would come down, but should anyway to reverse our huge trade deficit. The EU won’t like it, but at least it will set them free to tackle their own problems rather than picking on us.

So why not go for it? It’s so much better than mouldering on for more years of misery and argument while the disastrous consequences of austerity cripple the country. Britain deserves better than an incompetent elite and a broken political system prolonging this long running farce.

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