Who Is Going To Deliver Brexit?

This week, Euro candidate Dan Hannan MEP

who is standing as a Conservative for the South East region, said “Brexiteers shouldn’t use the elections as an opportunity to send a message”.

He went on “Who else is going to deliver withdrawal from the European Union in an orderly, timely, and cordial way? I refuse to believe that every Brexiteer is an angry sort of Trumpian who just wants to register a point of view. There’s no need to send a message here, the message was sent on the 23rd of June 2016. [And not accepted!] 

“More people voted to leave than have ever voted for anything, so we don’t need to kind of peer into the entrails to discern what the British people really think. We know that, it’s not that we didn’t get the message, the problem is we didn’t get the votes”. [Didn’t get 17.4million votes?]

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