Polling Districts And Places Review

Still time to comment on Polling Districts and Places Review 2019

Did you know that time is running out for you to comment on West Lancashire Borough Council’s review of all polling districts and polling places across the Borough. Residents, other interested persons and organisations are invited to give feedback on any aspect of polling districts and polling places currently used for all elections, the proposed alternatives and also suggest alternatives which may be appropriate. Local political parties, MPs and Councillors will also be consulted.

Perhaps, like many of us, you think so what, where we vote is immaterial when at Government level what we vote for is ignored!

The public consultation runs until 24 May 2019 and a number of people have already given their views. The Council would like to hear from more people, and submissions to the consultation will form part of the final proposals for future provision of polling districts and places.

But why is it just the polling places under review? Why still no meaningful review of halving the number of elected members?

The area covered by the review is the Borough of West Lancashire, namely the West Lancashire parliamentary constituency and those parts of the South Ribble parliamentary constituency that are within the Borough Council’s area.

Access arrangements for premises or facilities will form part of the review. The Council is carrying out this review to ensure these are suitable and accessible for voters within West Lancashire. Electors are encouraged to share their views and the Council would welcome comments from any person or body with expertise in access for people with disabilities.

Information on the current polling places and plans of individual polling districts, along with the initial proposals and comments from the Electoral Registration Officer can be viewed at the Council Offices, 52 Derby Street Ormskirk or by visiting elections.

Kim Webber, Electoral Registration Officer for West Lancashire, said “We are very grateful to everyone who has given comments through the consultation so far. We would encourage residents who still have comments to make to contact us and let us know their views”.


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