The Missing Five

The Aughton Parish Council Annual Assembly 

on Monday down at the Old Cock & Bull, commenced as scheduled at 8.15pm without some expected WLBC elected Aughton members, five to be precise!

As the Agenda proceeded, It was reported that none of the Aughton Ward Councillors could attend as they were at another meeting. Comments were made by members of the public and it was asked that the lack of attendance by ANY of the Ward Councillors which was very disappointing, as it was the Annual Parish Assembly, should be recorded in the minutes.

Locals will remember that Aughton Park Cllr Doreen Stephenson has form on missing the opportunity to explain her work when she sat for Halsall. Her chair was reserved at its Annual Meeting, she did not attend. No surprise that she lost her Halsall seat!

And she fell asleep while at a WLBC meeting.

Lancashire County Councillor Paul Greenall was in attendance and gave a short report on a number of issues, including Highways, he’s raised Long Lane issues many times and confirms Highways Officers are fully aware of the problems of speeding traffic, SPIDs likely to happen. He raises issues of potholes raised whenever brought to his attention, and needs to be kept informed. He mentions that Tory Liz Truss called for 1m houses to be built on green-belt land, and he thinks the Local Plan will return now elections are over! It is supported by the County Council!

He reminds us that LCC Council tax is up by 5.99%, that Cllrs no longer claim for free meals, but his attempt to end travel payments on top of the basic £10.5k allowance was blocked! We County taxpayers still fund political roles, so we fund Party whips and Secretaries, and his attempt to end this was blocked! And finally he suggests 20 Cllrs have free iPhones at a total cost to the council of £7.5k, and one is from West Lancashire!

APC Councillor Graham Jones gave the Chairman’s report and then read out WLBC Ward Councillor David Westley’s report.

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