West Lancashire Neighbourhood Planning Introductory Workshop

The Campaign to Protect Rural England

West Lancashire District Group has been in existence for the last two decades. “We pride ourselves on having made a difference.

“CPRE West Lancashire District Group is hosting an introductory workshop on Neighbourhood Planning on Wednesday 22nd May, 7.30pm, in Ormskirk. The evening is free to attend with a retiring collection towards costs, but booking is essential.

“Government legislation encourages local groups and Parishes to produce development plans, called Neighbourhood Plans, that have legal status in helping to guide where and in what form development takes place.

“They give residents an opportunity to work with the Borough to direct the detail of how the Local Plan affects very local areas. Burscough are currently nearing the end of producing a Neighbourhood Plan. However, while other parts of the country have many hundreds in place there are very few throughout Lancashire.

“To this end, CPRE is offering an introductory workshop on Neighbourhood Planning on Wednesday 22nd May at 7.30 pm in Ormskirk School, Wigan Road, Ormskirk. L39 2AT.

“It will be led by Jackie Copley MRTPI, MA, BA (Hons) PgCert., Planning Manager for CPRE Lancashire. We wish to invite anyone and everyone to attend.

For further information please contact:-Karen Martindale, Chair, CPRE West Lancs on telephone number 01695 421749

4 thoughts on “West Lancashire Neighbourhood Planning Introductory Workshop

  1. stodgey

    I’ve been a member of the CPRE for nearly 10 years, although, sometimes I really do wonder why. I could, (maybe should) cancel my direct debit and save myself 75 quid a year for all the good I think they do. I’ve attended a West Lancs branch meeting in Aughton – and left ‘screaming at the walls’ frustrated. I’ve tried to get a resolution adopted at the national AGM, but was told it had to be adopted and approved at local then regional level first. I’ve bombarded them on Facebook and twitter, imploring them to get, (dare I say it) less ‘sandwiches at Westminster’ elitist and more ‘simple stark messaging’ populist – all to absolutely no avail. Getting the population of England to understand exactly what is going on, is the key – but the CPRE continue to faithfully parrot the Govt line. In their press releases, they barely mention ‘England’, preferring to give the impression they are speaking for the whole of the UK. They never mention the fact that English planning laws are seriously developer friendly – when Scotland, Wales & NI continue to enjoy stringent protection of their sacred swards. They consistently body swerve the big number one issue – which, if solved would save the English countryside for generations. We have a housing shortage in England, because we have unsustainable population growth. We have widespread despoilment of the English green belt, because we have unsustainable population growth. Valuable grade 1 English farmland is disappearing at an unprecedented rate, because of unsustainable population growth. And until the CPRE grasp the nettle and commit to a system of sustainable balanced population, England will continue on its basket-case journey of becoming the biggest housing estate in the world.

    1. westlancashirerecord Post author

      Well, it is a tale of woe. You are spot on about the unsustainable population growth. I’ve been reading that we need so much new housing on green belt it would be equivalent in size to the entire county of Leicestershire!

      1. stodgey

        When Nick Bowles was housing minister he said we’d have to build on 1500 square miles of countryside in order to ‘solve’ the housing crisis – which is, as long as 300,000 more people are coming in than going out every year is utterly unsolvable.

      2. westlancashirerecord Post author

        Ministers pose a greater threat to the English countryside than the Second World War did, Sir Andrew Motion said. The chairman of the Campaign to Protect Rural England and former Poet Laureate also said that the countryside was “in greater danger than it has ever been in my lifetime”. Sir Andrew, 60, described government policies as “the needless smearing of concrete across our irreplaceable countryside”, compromising the green belt “in a misguided attempt to kick-start the economy”.

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