Two For One Offer

Down at the Old Cock & Bull

First offer, at the Annual meeting of the Aughton Parish Council tonight there are a many items including the Election Of Chairman Of The Council For 2019/2020. Chairman’s Declaration Of Office – To Read And Receive. And the Election Of Vice-Chairman Of The Council.

Loads more bumph, including the secret “ Chairman/Vice-Chairman/Parish Clerk’s May Meeting With The Local Police – To Receive A Report”. Let’s hope the four month increased crime trend is reversed?

And then, what a treat awaits parishioners. The second offer, the Annual Parish Assembly For The Electors Of The Parish Of Aughton, including Lancashire Constabulary, The Policing Of Aughton – An Invitation To Chief Inspector Ian Jones…to tell us why Aughton is crime-ridden!

Also, Borough And County Reports, from our elected members. The meeting will also consider whether the production of a Neighbourhood Plan is appropriate for Aughton – the Parish Council can lead the process but this has to be a genuine community document involving the wider community, ie local residents, community organisations, businesses and landowners. The same council decided NO to a Neighbourhood Plan some years ago. What’s changed?

2 thoughts on “Two For One Offer

  1. aughtonresident

    This is harsh on Aughton Parish Council. The monthly meeting with the police is better than nothing. At the Parish Assembly the presentation by Chief Inspector Ian Jones was well received and is something the Parish Council arranged to their credit. He seems to be the right man to improve matters and has a good track record.

    It seemed obvious at the meeting that the Parish Council has got to carefully consider the merits of creating a Neighbourhood plan and I am sure they will do so but also must consider the little enthusiasm from residents to be parish councillors (3 vacancies) to share the workload such a plan will obviously entail.

    1. westlancashirerecord Post author

      We have had a number of Police Chief Inspectors attending the APC, they are moved on without having had time to affect local crime. Why has real crime in Aughton multiplied X four within a few months? Time will tell if the new Chief Inspector can help us. As for the Neighbourhood Plan, they considered it about four years ago, including a working group, and found no merit in having one.


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