Democratic Crisis?

We have a genuine democratic crisis in this country

This is a coalition of politicians against the people, all 17,410,742 of them. And now, believe it or not, this EU clown Guy Verhofstadt denies elections interference as he campaigns alongside Libdem Cable in London!

Only the Liberal Democrats could listen to Jean-Claude Juncker lamenting his “mistake” in deciding with his Brussels colleagues “not to interfere” in British politics and conclude it was time to correct that. Cable, fresh from adopting the Remainers’ schoolboy slogan “Bollocks to Brexit” as the Liberal Democrats’ mantra for this month’s European Elections, has been out campaigning in London. Who came along to meet voters with him? None other than Guy Verhofstadt, the European Parliament’s chief Brexit pointman. Smug, puerile anti-Brexit trolls? The Lib Dems and Guy Verhofstadt are made for each other, suggests the Daily Telgraph.

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