Election Of WLBC Mayor

At its meeting on 15 May 2019

The (current) Mayor will invite nominations for the office of Mayor. A motion will then be moved and seconded in the following terms:

“That Councillor Gaynar Owen be elected Mayor for the ensuing Municipal Year.”

The Mayor will then ask if there are any other nominations and, provided there are none, the motion will be put to the meeting and having been duly carried, the retiring Mayor will request Councillor Gaynar Owen signify her assent to the resolution. If there are any further nominations an election will take place.

The Mayor will announce who her Mayoress will be for the year and she will invite Ms. Lisa Packer to come up to the dais, escorted by the Member Services/Civic Officer.

The usual elections of Council Leader, Deputy Leader and Cabinet, the same for Opposition groups, Committees, Chairs/Vice Chairs of Committees, will follow, and WLBC can then get on with running the borough. One matter of which, reducing the number of elected members by at least one third, should be first on the next agenda!

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