Serco’s Park Pool Cockroaches

Pool tackles outbreak of cockroaches

The recent report in the Advertiser doesn’t mention Serco as being responsible for the outbreaks. It simply refers to “West Lancashire Community Leisure Trust” and its contract manager. It does mention a pool user for 30 years saying it was saddening it has taken so long for action to be taken. She regrets not taking photographic evidence at times when the infestations were serious.

And she claims “Perhaps the day we visited the infestation was more prominent. But some employees certainly require additional customer service skills in order to deal with concerns raised by customers . When significant pests were visible, they were just told that someone will be out to brush the dead ones up”.

Why was the infestation even present? After all, the contract manager said “Cockroaches can be attracted to wet and warm places like swimming pools”. Knowing that, why wasn’t prevention up to required standards? 

But the then Tory West Lancashire Borough Council outsourced leisure services to Serco 15 years ago. Since then we’ve had the saga of the Beacon Park Golf Course landfill during which Serco breached planning conditions while the destination of the landfill royalties on 23,375 lorry loads, plus the VAT, remain unavailable to the public.

The “new” course remains unplayable, there is still no “footgolf” facility, and another year of disruption awaits golfers while Serco simply spreads its excess landfill along a fairway rather than be ordered to get rid of it off site. 

We wrote “Mr Soames CEO states in his company Strategic Report “Serco has deep expertise: overlaid on our private sector techniques, drive and energy is a public service ethos that means that we can help deliver government services efficiently, but in a way that recognises the need for public accountability and trust”…but not, apparently, the need for public accountability of the landfill royalties Serco has accrued from the Beacon Park Golf Course”.

As for the Park Pool cockroaches, perhaps Serco’s deep expertise, private sector techniques, and efficiency are simply mythical while the profits they make from WLBC’s leisure contract blur the Serco strategy?

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