Juncker Outburst

In a grossly insulting comment to the UK today EC President Juncker stated

“‘It was a mistake not to interfere’ and he and the EU should have got involved in the 2016 Brexit referendum campaign ‘to destroy the lies’ spread by Leavers, and blames David Cameron for telling him to stay out of it.

Juncker spent years in his previous role as Luxembourg’s prime minister secretly blocking EU efforts to tackle tax avoidance by multinational corporations, leaked documents reveal.

Years’ worth of confidential German diplomatic cables provide a candid account of Luxembourg’s obstructive manoeuvres inside one of Brussels’ most secretive committees.

The code of conduct group on business taxation was set up almost 19 years ago to prevent member states from being played off against one another by increasingly powerful multinational businesses, eager to shift profits across borders and avoid tax.

Juncker conceded the scandal had damaged his reputation, and he admitted Luxembourg’s tax system was also “not always in line with fiscal fairness” and may have breached “ethical and moral standards”.

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