Tory’s Are Born And Bred In Their Wards

Wally Westley on the virtue of local ward residents

Hullo, yes it’s me again. I just wanted you to know what pride I feel about my Tory candidates being from the wards they were bred and born in, and that’s why we select them.

“Alex Blundell in Scarisbrick and Anne Sutton in Tarleton are young, born and bred in their wards and I know their background, local knowledge and enthusiasm will be a real boost for the Conservative Group”.

But of course, I have to admit that I am not from Aughton & Downholland, nor are Mrs Wally and Doreen Stephenson from Aughton Park, our wards. But that’s different, and I don’t want you to think we should only represent Halsall, where we all live. Oh dear, I wish I hadn’t started this, it makes me look hypocritical!

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