Loser May Warned, Again!

How many warnings does May need?

Theresa May will be entering a coalition with Jeremy Corbyn “against the people” if she agrees a customs deal with the Labour leader, Nigel Farage has warned, as he addressed 2,000 people in Ribble.

The Leave campaigner said his burgeoning Brexit Party would field a full slate of candidates against Tory and Labour MPs in a general election and “break the two party system” if Mrs May and Mr Corbyn made a pact to keep the UK tied to EU rules.

The warning came as calls for Mrs May’s resignation mounted last night following a dismal showing for the Tories in the local elections and as she prepared to reach a deal with Labour on a Brexit plan, having failed to win support for her own deal.

The Executive Council of Wellingborough Conservatives has “voted overwhelmingly to write to Mrs May and say that we have no confidence in her and she should resign now. Her deal is not Brexit and in the absence of a reasonable deal we want to leave the EU on WTO terms. Packed room of long term members and activists who are disgusted by the leadership, ignoring democracy and colluding with a Marxist opposition. 97% voted in favour and only 3% were new members”.

We must wonder when and how West Lancashire Conservatives will take the bull by the horns and make a public statement? Conservativehome reports “Last month, 71 per cent of our Party member panel respondents wanted Theresa May to announce her resignation as Party leader and thus trigger a leadership election. That was a record low. Later in April, that figure hit 79 per cent. Another record. And this month, the Prime Minister duly hits a record low for the third time running. 82 per cent want her gone and that leadership election now.

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