Pride In The OWLs

Every Ormskirk ward has an OWL

They write “4 new OWLs have been elected to West Lancs Borough Council! Well done to each and every one of them, and a big thank you to all our supporters, campaign helpers and voters.

“Gordon, Jane, Kate and Ian have all been elected to WLBC, which brings our total to six. Every ward in Ormskirk now has an OWL serving on the council – great news!

“We polled hundreds of votes in Skelmersdale South too, which is a solid foundation for us to build upon for the future. There was a strong showing from the Skelmersdale independents in other wards, too. Skelmersdale is no longer a one horse race, and that is great news for the town and West Lancashire at large.

“Well done everyone”.

The Liverpool Echo

[their pic of the count] reported on the amazing OWL success. Adrian Owens told them “I’m absolutely blown away by the support we got from the residents of West Lancashire in this election. We’ve gone from two seats to six, we’ve made four gains, all from the local Labour party. I think that particularly the vote in Bickerstaffe underlines the main local issue. It’s not really about Brexit, there is some of that, there was some about that in the election. But mainly it is about the unpopularity of the local plan proposals”.

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