Wally Writes

Hullo, it’s me again.

I’ve suffered a bad day, after we flooded the borough with glossy leaflets telling you all how, no ifs, no buts, we would scrap Labour’s local plan! Someone forgot to tell me Labour was changing it anyway!

So all that expensive canvassing is a write-off, to be recycled. It’s so unfair. Nobody believed us, and I’m still leading my party towards oblivion, just like Theresa May is. Because that other party, I won’t mention the name, will start on Aughton and other Tory safe seats next time. They tripled their council membership. Imagine leading a party that does that!

But at least we Wallys still represent Aughton wards, and our allowances help with our pensions. Did you know there were 47 spoiled ballot papers in Aughton, those people writing “Brexit” I expect. Now, I’m off to do a bit of wailing!


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