Watch The Independents


Report from its Executive EditorWatch how independent candidates/local parties/residents do in the locals. Labour are contesting 77% of seats, the LDs 53% and UKIP 16%. The Tories are contesting 96%. That disparity will help the Cons obviously, but I wonder if voters will seek Anyone But Big Party candidates.

“As well as upticks for indies, local parties etc, look out in the #localelections19 results for:
– a rise in spoiled ballot papers
– potentially sharp falls in turnout
– fewer votes means increased volatility, which means greater scope for upsets”.

Last year in West Lancashire there was a turnout of 36%. Examples, in Aughton & Downholland there were 14 spoiled papers, Derby 5 spoiled papers, Up Holland 13 spoiled papers, Tarleton 17 spoiled papers, so comparisons will be interesting. 

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