Fewer Councillors And Fewer Elections?

Tory leaflets are coming thick and fast in Aughton.

The latest is Westley repeating the aim of savings “£150,000 a year to spend on key frontline services”. He admitted in writing to wanting less councillors in 2010, but changed his mind in under two hours. Probably under senior Tory orders. He’s wasted £1,350,000 of public money by sitting on his ass and doing nothing. Believe it or not, he’s the local Tory party leader. What does that say about the rest of them?

On 16th August 2010 at 2.04pm he wrote “The number of Borough Councillors is set by the Government and the Boundary Commission. My personal view is that there are too many and that the number could be reduced by 50%”.

On 16th August 2010 at 3.55pm he wrote “I would not want to waste money on a Boundary Commission Review or the resultant election. There are far more important matters and it would only be an unnecessary distraction”.

Now, that “unnecessary distraction” has cost us the £150,000 a year he claims to save. For 9 years! Political trust is in short supply in 2019. It was just the same on 16 August 2010!

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