A Labour Parish Council?

We in West Lancashire

don’t usually see political parties paying out for advertising to take control of parish councils. So it comes as a shock that Labour has done just that, as seen on Sefton Focus.

It’s not about Brexit, it’s not about Corbyn, it’s about 13 Labour like-minded people to work for their Derbyshire community. They disown unpopular people and policies that surely wouldn’t be parish affairs anyway. 

Meanwhile, down at the old Cock and Bull parish council

Aughton, we have the usual ineptitude. Minutes of meetings lag behind actual meetings. The minutes of the previous meeting are approved and can be issued on the parish website. So the April 2019 meeting duly approved the March minutes. Yet here we are, almost in May, and the last minutes published are from February.

Talking of May, Theresa that is, who knows what the West Lancashire parish councils think. Surely nothing so crude as those claims of Tory swivel-eyed lunacy being the voice of the people a few years ago? But you never know…!


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