Wally On Unfair £30 Bin Tax

Another Wally folly?

Wally seems to find no contradiction between different Conservative charges for green waste bin collections. But he is adamant “Conservatives believe such basic services should be covered by your Council Tax”. 

Now, think back to the saga of Cllr Moon! Should we ask Wyre and former West Lancashire Cllr Moon to settle this muddled policy?

On March 3 2016, Cllr Moon, who unusually sits on two borough councils, voted to introduce charges for green waste collection for Wyre Council. But only months later on, October 19, the Tory councillor voted against the charges in West Lancashire.

The move sparked calls for him to resign from one of his posts but Moon says he’s going nowhere. He said: “There was no problem with my decisions, there were different accounts and different circumstances. I made what I thought was the right decision for both areas at the time and if I could go back I wouldn’t change what I voted for.

“The councils are run differently and the people within them have different opinions on how the councils should operate. Being on both councils puts me in a unique position and allows me to compare the two and see how they are run differently and gives me the skills to make the right decision”.

Perhaps Wally believes SOME Conservatives think these services should be covered by council tax. Silly really, the charge is a tax by our council, which charges council tax!

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