Adonis Alone and Detested?

We wrote about Adonis in February.

Statistics can prove everything or nothing. Peoples’ Vote West Lancashire only had three days notice that Lord Adonis was to speak in Ormskirk. And 70 people turned up. That equates to 23 people per day, not a great success rate. Perhaps people are sick and tired of the incessant bombardment by the political elite to deny the democratic leave vote?

As conservativehome claims, Adonis encouraged his fans to hate Brexiteers. And now they hate him. He was caught red-handed and has admitted “I am deeply sorry for off-the-cuff comments I made during a live LBC radio phone-in last September. I encourage all voters, whatever their position on Brexit, to vote Labour in the upcoming European Parliament elections”.

Adonis has distinguished himself

by the depths to which he has been willing to stoop. His denunciations and proclamations since the referendum have routinely gone so far as to intensely embarrass other Remainers.

Holding hard to the principle that extremism in pursuit of Eurofederalism is no vice, he has compared Brexit to the Spanish Inquisition and the Japanese capture of Singapore, and threatened to purge civil servants from Whitehall for the sin of doing their jobs in preparing to leave the EU.

As intended, this has made him a cult figure among the pro-EU hardliners who are his target audience, just as it has made him a laughing stock for many other people. To his fans, he is the epitome of a no-compromise, no-surrender, Remain-at-all-costs campaigner. Even his own party has been the target of utter contempt for, in his view, being “complicit” in Brexit.

It does rather trash his brand

therefore, that he has decided to stand for Labour and released a statement apparently backing the Spanish Inquisition. “Labour has always been clear that it respects the result of the referendum…,” the Brexiteer-Finder-General wrote, “Labour has put forward a sensible alternative plan that would ensure a close economic relationship with the EU after Brexit.” If you were still wavering, never fear: “A vote for Labour is a vote for so much more than just Brexit.”

So much more, but evidently in his view a vote for Brexit nonetheless. Leavers perusing Labour’s confused policy might doubt that, but it appears that on his own terms Adonis must now purge himself from public life for supporting the thing he spent the last three years saying he opposed with every fibre of his being.

His standing has plummeted in the eyes of his former fans, and he is now the target of outright ire and disdain from various prominent figures in the Continuity Remain world. Other Remain parties are using him as proof that Labour can’t be trusted to oppose Brexit, with all the bile he once used against Brexiteers himself.

Maybe he feels that he can recant later on, and thereby return to the fold with more influence as an MEP, but he has burned his bridges and it’s unlikely they will trust him again.

He taught his followers to be utterly intolerant of any backsliding or compromise, and told them that Brexit and Brexiteers must be hated at all costs. He now finds himself the victim of that very contempt which he so energetically encouraged.

70 West Lancastrian Adonis fans must be distraught. But 35,323 West Lancashire leave voters will be grinning from ear to ear!

2 thoughts on “Adonis Alone and Detested?

  1. stodgey

    The most duplicitously arrogant nonentity in an amorphous crowd of the vacuous. Inevitable really as he’s a disciple of the psychopathic millionaire ‘socialist’, Mad Dog Tony Blair – a man who surrounded himself with talentlessly supine yes-men acolytes. Adonis is a product of the current malaise infesting the Westminster village. He’s made a career out of benefitting from the dubious patronage of successive Prime Ministers, heading up this Quango and that Committee on eye-watering salaries. If donkeys like this man are seeking to lead us, what hope has this country got? Westminster is stuffed to the ceiling with MPs & Lords who in a previous life were failed lawyers, something in the city, PR flunkeys, researchers at party HQs, so-called academics – or simply there because their Mother/Father used to be a Lord or MP – nepotism writ large. There was a survey which was published this week which showed that just 4% of the current crop of MPs came from working class backgrounds. Bloody shameful – Westminster isn’t just out of touch, it’s out of its mind.


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