Is Nigel Farage Back As A Serious Force In Politics?

Lucy Harris, director of Leavers of Britain, says YES.

Nigel Farage’s new Brexit Party has come out with an upbeat message and a fresh look, and that’s what many Leave voters are desperately searching for in this relentless artificial atmosphere of Brexit doom. Farage is assembling a range of well-known candidates, and the party has a decent chance of achieving its first goal of winning the most seats in the European Parliament elections next month.

Farage’s challenge, and the long-term challenge for Brexiteers more generally, is to ensure that euro-scepticism is cemented as a mainstream movement, not just a protest vote. A polished mainstream alternative that actively defends the democratic mandate of the referendum will be highly appealing to a Brexiteer base, ostracised both by Theresa May’s softening and delaying of Brexit, and Jeremy Corbyn’s flirtation with a second referendum.

There is a clear gap opening up in the political market for disillusioned Brexiteers, and Farage is placing himself smack bang in the middle of it.

But the European Parliament’s outspoken Brexit co-ordinator Guy Verhofstadt

has taken a swipe at the self-styled “Bad Boy of Brexit” Nigel Farage, comparing him to field marshal Douglas Haig from the final episode of sitcom Blackadder. Sneering Verhofstadt said that like Haig in Blackadder, Farage was “sitting safely in his office, while his people are walking in the cold and the rain. I thought you were marching 200 miles for the leave campaign? How many did you do? Two miles!”

Farage hit back

by invoking the real-life Field Marshal Haig, who he said “saved the Belgian town of Ypres from German domination” during the First World War. “Far from mocking Haig in Belgium, he should be a great hero to you” he added.

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