If There Are EU Elections

Did you know that 22% of those who would vote Conservative in a general election would lend their vote to UKIP/Brexit Party for the EU Parliament election? Likewise, 11% of current Lab voters would lend their vote to an anti-Brexit party.

Of course, the Conservatives are now leaking party members and voters so badly people might well ask, what IS the Conservative party for? In West Lancashire the subject of Brexit is unspoken, unmentionable. The ConParty website local news, last entry, 22nd January 2019, was about snow affecting refuse and recycling collections!

Its last reference to Brexit was 23 November 2018, quoting Theresa May “This is a decisive step which enables us to move on and finalise the deal”, which MIGHT now be finalized…never? Have you lost count of how many final deals have been and gone? Just what ARE Wally & Co for? Oblivion? Probably.


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