Bloody Golfers At BPGC

The Senior Club Members at Beacon Park Golf Course are resilient in the face of the Serco landfill scandal, and they are displaying it by the chosen charity of this year’s Captain, Mick Lightbody, who is inspired by the superb work of the Aintree Hospital Trauma Unit.

Previous Captain Mike Collins was seriously injured by a car accident in which he suffered loss of his spleen, eight broken ribs plated and screwed back, a broken cheek bone, a fractured scull, a collapsed lung, and an ear almost torn off. But he is now fit and well, a legend to the fantastic skill and devotion of the Aintree Hospital Trauma Ward.

This year Mike has handed over the captaincy of BPGC to Mick Lightbody. You won’t be surprised to know Mick was inspired to choose the Aintree Trauma Centre as his chosen charity. As his flyer states

B-Bloody Golfers making Blood and Money Donations

P-Putting it right for Aintree Hospital Trauma Ward

G-Golf Captain Mick Lightbody’s chosen Charity

C-Clubbing together to make a difference

Blood is vital to the work of the Trauma Ward. Mick is asking for members and any other resident of West Lancashire to donate blood, supplies of which are always low. So Mick hopes set up a donation unit at the golf club on a particular day during the coming months. As he points out, blood saves lives, that is a certainty.

Mick’s Facebook has a Just Giving facility

As we all know, Serco Leisure Operating Ltd received £183,864 of the landfill royalty, money which WLR contends should belong to WLBC for them to keep the BPGC in top condition. Although Serco has agreed to sponsor the Captain’s Invitation Day on 15th June, it is small beer compared to that £183,864, and WLR contends Rupert Soames, the Chairman of Serco, should do the decent thing and donate the lot to the Mick Lightbody  Aintree Trauma Ward charity. On a daily basis Aintree University Hospital treats patients who have variety of life-changing injuries including traumatic brain injuries, spinal injuries, traumatic amputations, traumatic chest injuries and multiple fractures.

Wouldn’t it also be nice for the staff at WLBC to attend the blood donor session at BPGC, just to show some sympathy and practical support too?

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