Send This Letter To Theresa May

If you are one of 17,410,742 people feeling betrayed by Theresa May and her Conservative Government you may wish to write to let her know how you feel. She can be contacted by email

Dear Prime Minister

I am writing to you as I am a proud Brexit Leave voter, and a supporter of Get Britain Out, to ask you, as my Prime Minister, to stop the betrayal of Leave voters with membership of ‘a’ Customs Union or threats of No Brexit. You must remember your pledges and back Britain’s exit from the European Union on WTO terms immediately. We must not wait until October 31st and we do not want to take part in the EU Elections. We want OUT and we want Brexit!

The majority Leave vote by 17.4 million of the British public in the EU Referendum on the 23rd June 2016 was the largest mandate in our political history. It was a clear declaration by the people of our need to ‘Take Back Control’ of our borders, money, and our laws. Your Deal is never going to deliver on this mandate. It exposed us to the Irish Backstop, and many other issues, such as the commitment of the United Kingdom to fund and support a European Army, and threatens the security of the United Kingdom with the 5 EYES intelligence community with Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United States.

Your Deal has been roundly rejected by Parliament three times so far. It is high time Brexit is delivered. As my Prime Minister, if you truly believe in the ‘Democratic’ process, it is vital for you to start to listen to and understand the voices of the people. I urge you to stop your negotiations with the Labour Party Leadership for a Customs Union or a Second Referendum now.

This would be an abject betrayal of everything we voted for in Brexit. I want you to ensure our global future along with the true, sovereign control of our borders, laws and money by taking Great Britain out of the European Union on WTO terms immediately. We already trade with more than 90 countries around the world on WTO terms, so there should be nothing to be afraid of to Get Britain Out of the EU to ensure our global future. The country is ready, the majority of businesses are ready, and the EU have also confirmed they are ready, willingly or not!

If you no longer have the nerve or ability to deliver the Will of the Great British Public, then please resign immediately, making way for someone who truly believes in a Post-Brexit Global Britain.

Yours sincerely

2 thoughts on “Send This Letter To Theresa May

  1. stodgey

    My God, how depressing is this? The utter ineptitude of the political class is staggering. Or is it ineptitude? I’m more and more coming round to the theory that it’s all been planned – a 3 year long car crash designed to grind the average brexiteer into the ground. Combine that with the tactic, growing ever more each day where remainers are increasingly associating Brexit as a xenophobic, right wing exercise. Cue the imbecile that is David Lammy. His performance on Sunday’s Marr Show was an absolute disgrace. According to the cerebral shaman that is the Dala Lammy, everyone who voted for Brexit is a feeble-minded, nastily right wing, verging on a fascist tendency easily led idiot. Apparently, we’ve all been corrupted by the wicked ERG, who Dave hysterically described as ‘Hard right fascists’….. And while Dave was ranting, Andrew Marr said barely a word of protest…. Bloody shameful.

    1. westlancashirerecord Post author

      It is depressing. It’s likely the establishment did indeed plan for the 3 year long car crash of Brexit into remain. How depressing is it to see so-called manifestos by people who, while never once thinking THEIR election to office might be challenged, promptly disputed their own promises? The tactics have been numerous, but these latest outbursts show us the utter shame of gutter politicians.


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