OWL Bus Station Success In Ormskirk

OWLs have more success in Ormskirk

Elderly users of the Circular bus services, Scott and Town Green, have endured a miserable winter as they waited for their buses at Stand 5 at the Ormskirk Bus Station. The stand has been without two large panes of glass for ages, allowing snow and rain to blow through.

There were endless comments by bus users about the neglect by WLBC, bus shelters without shelter were seemingly acceptable to council officers who are provided with free all day parking for their cars. What would they know about waiting for buses?

But now, it seems that the OWLs have yet again provided a community service which we would have expected WLBC to routinely perform.

Tenacity from Jane Thompson

seen leaning through the glassless shelter in January, finally sees bus shelter Stand 5 at Ormskirk bus station repaired. “Endless chasing since first reported to the council on 21st January. The council raised the fees from the bus companies to use the bus station. It shouldn’t take the dedicated chasing of a community campaigner to have this sorted but well done Jane for seeing this through”.

Job done, OWL style!

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