May Worse Than Major?

Who could be bad enough to be a worse PM than John Major?

Imagine that on your political tombstone “Here lies a Prime Minister worse than John Major”.

Theresa May’s failure to deliver Brexit has caused the Conservatives to haemorrhage support, with the Tories now polling at a similar level to John Major in 1997, new data suggests.

Opinion polls show support for the Conservatives has crashed eight points in the space of a month as voters seemed to swing behind Nigel Farage’s new party and Ukip.

Polling conducted by BMG Research in March had the Tories on 37 per cent but the latest data for April had the party on 29 per cent. The Tories were polling in the high twenties in the run up to the 1997 election which saw the party win just 165 seats and secure 31 per cent of the vote as Blair’s New Labour crushed the Conservatives.

Well, you never know!

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