Care In Crisis

Day-to-day tasks that many of us take for granted, like getting dressed, using the toilet, making a meal, or getting to the shops, can be almost impossible for many older people without help. Older people should be able to live well, not just survive, and the right care and support can help them do this.

But right now 1.4 million older people are left to struggle each day without that support. We need to ensure they can access the care that will help them stay safe and prevent even more strain on a system that is on the edge of collapse.

The current state of care. A number of issues need to be addressed: Underfunding – in the last 5 years there has been a £160 million cut in total public spending on older people’s social care despite a rapidly increasing demand because of our ageing population.

Postcode lottery

despite the 2014 Care Act introducing a national system of eligibility, local variation is still leaving many older people without any support.

Unmet need – 1.2 million people aged 65 plus don’t receive the care support they need with essential living activities.

Declining access – cuts in local authority care services have placed increasing pressure on unpaid carers.

Visit the Age Uk Charity shops

Where do we go from here? We need to make sure that Theresa May keeps her promise, made in March to ‘put the state-funded system on a more secure and sustainable footing. We need the Government to follow through on its commitment to a Green Paper consultation without delay. The consultation is a great opportunity to think about what kind of a society we want for ourselves, our parents and our children, and we need to ensure that we find a sustainable solution from a meaningful consultation period.

Contact Rosie Cooper MP

Put pressure on the government, do it via Rosie Cooper at Write: Suite 108, Malthouse Business Centre, 48 Southport Road, Ormskirk, L39 1QR. Phone: 01695 570094 or by 

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